Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media

Digital Media

Do you want to help shape the digital future? Are you convinced that our culture will be defined and transformed by digital media? Whether it's net culture or the media economy: in the digital media Bachelor’s program you will analyze the ideas, approaches and history, as well as the technical foundations and tools that define digital media. Simultaneously, you will develop and implement your own hands-on project in video, audio, games, apps or mash ups. In the Bachelor’s degree program you will study the theoretical foundations of digital media, analyze digital media critically and test its applications in real life.

Hamburg Media School and the Leuphana
Roughly half the courses are taught in the Hamburg Media School with the other half taught on the Leuphana University of Lüneburg campus. The faculty teaching in the digital media major belong to the 100+ researchers at Leuphana University of Lüneburg working on the future of digital media. Hence, you can develop your own projects within the context of the newest international research. Additionally you will have the opportunity to participate in courses and events involving the world’s leading minds engaged in researching digital culture.

Your Prospects with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media
Whether they are digital agencies, television networks, publishing houses or internet service providers, Leuphana and the Hamburg Media School can count almost all of Germany’s major media outlets among their partners: these are ideal conditions to find a forward-looking internship at a leading media company. Are you interested in working with German and international civil or political organizations? The Centre for Digital Cultures can open doors for you here as well! Or are you interested more in artistic projects? The digital future awaits you.

Additional information about the Digital Media program