Master of Arts in Film

The Hamburg Media School was the first German film school to offer a master’s in Film, and the program has run since 2011.

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The MA course in Film at the Hamburg Media School constitutes the smallest and best developed film academy among Germany’s seven institutes of higher education in film. It is Germany’s most successful film school proportionate to the number of its students. Our twelve annual films are screened internationally over 500 times and receive more than 50 national and international awards per year, including the Max Ophüls Award three years running and the fourth student Oscar in September of 2015 for Sadakat. In February of 2012, our film Raju was nominated for the Oscar for Best Short Film. In 2013 Erbgut, and in 2014 Wo wir sind, were nominated for the Student Oscar. In addition, we have been accredited since 2011 as the first German institute of higher education in film to offer a master of arts. Applicant requirements are correspondingly high.

Talent, an undergraduate background in media, passion for film, complex knowledge of film, and initial experience in the sector are fundamental requirements for applicants. In cases of exceptional talent, we are also open to other constellations in applications. However, daily course attendance over a period of 24 months is required, often including evenings or weekends, and without semester breaks, practically ruling out the potential to work part-time or during holidays.

Film is always a form of controlled chaos, made of vision and economy, craftsmanship and magic. Craftsmanship and economy can be taught, as can magic and vision, but in different ways. However, no one can guarantee success. In this tension field we move differently and break new ground with each new class. These differences depend on changes in the sector, technology and consciousness, and especially the new and different, individual, young filmmakers whom we train in film with the same joy that they show us.

Our department heads and teaching staff are the best filmmakers, authors, producers, camera people, cutters, musicians, editors, actors, and creators of film we can find. All of them continue to work primarily in the sector, thereby keeping their networks and knowledge at the cutting edge. From their first day onward, our students work exclusively with colleagues who are ahead of the times and who have proven that they can do what they teach. They are living proof that film is not just the guiding medium of our time, but is a joy for a lifetime.

Warmest regards, Prof. Richard Reitinger

The Director of the Film program

The Film program