The International Stage

Cooperation with media companies and top business schools worldwide prepare students for the challenges present in a sector with global reach.

Internatinal Orientation at the HMS

Periods abroad and international partnerships are systematically integrated in academics at the Hamburg Media School. This gives our students the best possible preparation to work in a sector of global and transnational activity. 

The MBA in Media Management includes regular media oriented excursions and innovation field trips that familiarize students with the structures and strategies present in foreign media markets. 

The fourth trimester in the second year of the program is also the perfect time for a period of study abroad. For example, students can spend three months on the Gold Coast through our cooperation with Bond University in Australia. 

Students can use the Hamburg Media School’s solid and extensive international network to organize an internship in an international media company during their internship phase.

In this way, students can begin to accumulate international experience during their studies, to understand foreign media markets, and to create an international network.