In the Heart of the City

For more than ten years, the HMS has been located on the Kunst- und Mediencampus Hamburg.

The HMS is a Gateway to the World

The Hamburg Media School GmbH, founded in 2003, is a public private partnership and a lighthouse project of the Hamburg Office of Science and Research, Hamburg University, the College of Fine Arts of Hamburg, and the Hamburg Media School Foundation, together with more than 50 renowned media companies. In addition, as an independent part of the Finkenau Art and Media Campus, the HMS is a partner of the TIDE community and educational television channel.

From the outset of this joint initiative, the HMS has trained talented young media professionals for their leap into the artistic, economic, and academic elite media milieu and strengthened Hamburg’s presence as a media hub.

Our selection criteria are extremely rigorous and full engagement is expected of course participants, including during term breaks and often on evenings and weekends. In addition to an optimal professional training background and the development of an international personal network, we place a great deal of emphasis on a sustainable awareness of the social responsibility that comes with leadership. For this reason, our students also apply their expertise in pro bono projects run by the HMS for welfare organizations like Unicef and Hinz&Kunz, and will soon take part in projects to provide educational services to refugees.

This is the basis for our accredited MA programs in Media Management, Film, and Digital Journalism. In addition, since 2013, we have offered a BA program in Digital Media in which we work together with Leuphana University to train the new generation of digital natives.

The programs in Film and Media Management, the first ever on offer at the HMS, have now become internationally successful.

Our films show the world from dramatic angles, and our young filmmakers are active across the globe. HMS films enjoy more than 500 screenings a year and win more than 50 national and international awards annually. These have included three Academy Awards won by students of the HMS and three additional Academy Award nominations for Best Short Film. Proportionate to its student population, the HMS is thus by far the most successful German film school in this context. Most graduates become successful in their fields; official statistics show that 85% of Film program graduates remain in the film business.

Our media managers have one thing in common: a passion for media. As diverse as their careers can be, whether they go on to become strategic partners at Google, advertising directors with ZEIT, or client partners with Facebook, they all seek to live out innovation in the age of digitalization, actively shape the media in its many forms, and adapt it to the future. After two years of intensive preparation, our students leave equipped with essential knowledge of business and management, a deep knowledge of media, and a broad network that is unique in Germany.

Since 2013, our part-time MA program in Digital Journalism has provided advanced professional training to editors, freelance and staff journalists, and media experts. During their two years in the program, students receive a comprehensive skills upgrade for successful journalistic work in the digital age in practical seminars with topics raging from change management in the newsroom, to modern storytelling, to the development of new business models.

The HMS also specializes in Executive Education, a portion of its coursework which developed from external demand for individual classes taught within the different programs. We offer seminars with participation fees that help participants develop their personal and professional skills in fields and professions related to media and digitalization, all while they continue to work. This includes diverse summer schools as well as large-scale events like our Online Marketing Rockstars, which attracts thousands of paying visitors from throughout Germany. At the same time, these events are also a space in which students in these programs can practice and get involved.

In addition, the HMS runs self-sufficient research departments in applied sciences that take on commissioned research projects. These include the Inno Lab, which scientifically monitors the development of the digital transformation; the German Producers Alliance for film; and the departments of journalism and media research. These departments provide a space for scientific investigation and evaluation, including for external clients such as newspaper publishers.

The Film and Digital Media programs have no tuition fees, while the programs in Media Management and Digital Journalism do. However, no qualified applicants are turned away. Scholarships are provided by our partners and supporters from the commercial, cultural, and political sectors.

They and we at the HMS are thoroughly invested in our students, who represent our future.

Best regards from Finkenau!


Dr. Katharina Schaefer

Dr. Katharina Schaefer

Commercial Director

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