Behind the scenes

At TIDE, media-savvy people make television and radio for the city of Hamburg.

TIDE community station and educational channel

Since 2004, the Hamburg community and educational station has broadcast programming that is different from the mainstream in an attempt to serve as a gateway to the world of media in Hamburg. It is a station that offers anyone the chance to shape radio and television. With its diverse and commercial-free television and radio programming, TIDE has established itself as part of Hamburg’s media landscape. The breadth of content spans from programs on literature and music, to talk shows and comedy, to audio plays and short film. TIDE is a public broadcasting station that you can be a part of. Anyone who wants to play a role in creating radio and television can find an opportunity to do so here, regardless of age or experience. Those who are curious can also schedule a tour of the station facility. At the TIDE Academy, experienced staff provide the technical and editorial tools necessary to achieve this goal. As a publicly funded non-profit entity, TIDE serves a social role: The station supports the different cultures of various parts of the city, youth engagement in the community, intercultural exchange, and the media knowledge of parents, teachers, and students. TIDE is an experimental platform for new forms of radio and television, a springboard for new talent, and, last but not least, a meeting point for the engaged, curious citizens of Hamburg.
TIDE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hamburg Media School.