Prof. Richard Reitinger

After doing jobs ranging from working as a street singer in Munich, to a street worker in Berlin, to a publisher (Transit Publishing), Richard Reitinger has written for film and television since 1985.

His work for film includes work with Wim Wenders and Peter Handke on Der Himmel über Berlin; with Wim Wenders and Ulrich Zieger on In weiter Ferne so nah; with Mika Kaurismäki on Helsinki Napoli, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Amazon; with Jan Schütte on Supertex; and with Vanessa Jopp on Meine schöne Bescherung. For television he has written many episodes of Der Fahnder and Auf Achse, television specials like Sterne leuchten auch am Tag, and the live movie Feuer in der Nacht. He also developed series and formats like Einsatz in Hamburg (aka "Jenny Berlin"), Die Partner, or Freunde wie wir. He wrote several episode for Bella Block, and did work on big television events and movies like Kein Himmel über Afrika, Das Geheimnis der Wale, or Dschungelkind.

Works from his pen have received numerous awards, from the European Film Awards and the German Film Prize to the Adolf Grimme Award. City of Angels was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Since September 2007, Richard Reitinger has been a professor of Screenwriting at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts and, following Hark Bohm and Katharina Trebitsch, and initially together with Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, has been the sole Director of the Film program at the Hamburg Media School since 2012.

Under his artistic direction, students at the Hamburg Media School have won numerous prestigious national and international festivals with their short films, including the Max Ophüls Award three times in succession and the fourth student Oscar in September 2015 for Sadakat, nominated the following year for the Oscar for Best Short Film.



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  • Filmography


    Als Autor (im Auszug):


    Dschungelkind (Kino)


    Das Geheimnis der Wale (TV-Event)


    Meine schöne Bescherung  (Kino)


    Tatort: Am Abgrund (TV-Film)

    Kein Himmel über Afrika (TV-Event)

    Bella Block: Denn sie wissen nicht... (TV-Film)


    Feuer in der Nacht (Live TV-Event)

    Sterne leuchten auch am Tag  (TV-Film)


    Bella Block: Tödliche Nähe (TV-Film)

    Supertex - Eine Stunde im Paradies (Kino)


    Bella Block: Abschied im Licht (TV-Film)


    Einsatz in Hamburg  (TV-Serie)


    Freunde wie wir (TV-Serie)


    In weiter Ferne, so nah (Kino)


    Hölle am Amazonas (Kino)


    Cha Cha Cha (Kino)


    Auf Achse (TV-Serie)


    Helsinki Napoli All Night Long (Kino)

    Der Himmel über Berlin (Kino)