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Online Marketing Camp

Overview and Orientation

The relevance of online marketing is increasing by the day with each new broadband access, each new online offer, and each additional minute spent on the internet. Many established companies in media, trade, tourism, and finance have learned that the web can quickly change sector dynamics forever. Some have already cleverly harnessed its potential, while others face grave challenges due to the digital transformation.

The online marketing sector is becoming more professional and more complex each day. In lieu of classic ad campaigns we see search engine marketing, Google optimization, performance campaigns, affiliate concepts, and much more. With such complexity, it is truer than ever that professional online marketing is almost always the basis of success on the internet. Together with its competent partners, ranging from Hamburg University to private entities in the media economy, the Hamburg Media School has developed a concept for a product portfolio that reacts to the precise needs of the market. Sound and compact, it combines thorough market knowledge and the practical application of this knowledge by and with sector professionals.

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