Social Media Day

The Social Media Day

Social Media Day

Overview and Orientation

Social media is a hot topic and the relevance of this marketing channel is increasing with each new Facebook profile and forum post. However, it can be difficult to maintain a clear and comprehensive view of the field of social media.

Which products should one have on offer and which are still surrounded by irrelevant hype? Many classic companies are achieving exciting competitive advantages. How exactly do they do this? What low-cost marketing and turnover multipliers are out there? Where do new options for branding, positioning, and CRM appear? Together with its competent partners, ranging from Hamburg University to private entities in the media economy, the Hamburg Media School has developed a concept for a product portfolio that reacts to the precise needs of the market. Sound and compact, it combines thorough market knowledge and the practical application of this knowledge by and with sector professionals. Seminar director and CEO of one of Hamburg’s social media agencies Sven-Olaf Peeck, as well as other experienced instructors from the profession, lead participants through an intensive day seminar with short presentations, experience reports, live demonstrations, and discussion.

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