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Neuromarketing Manager

September 2016 - August 2017



The Neuromarketing Manager program

In the age of overstimulation and information overload, neuromarketing is now becoming more and more important in efficiently reaching audiences, be it in sales, marketing, management, advertising, or public relations. Which theoretical approaches and theories in neuromarketing can help us develop better business models and more effective strategies of communication? How can we implement these directly?

When it comes to successful marketing and efficient sales, one must understand what we can do for our customers. It’s not what they want or need but rather what keeps them awake at night: their real “pains”. Most of the time our customers don´t know exactly what they really want, need or wish. We have to unveil their “pains”. Real sales talents are not those who can recognize a need, but those who can create this need, evoking it with the proper means of address. Because desire beats logic. Every time.

Due to the advances in neuroscience and modern neurological research, we now know that decisions are made much less rationally than we once believed, and are based on preprogrammed processes in the brain that significantly impact our actions – for example, when we decide to make a purchase.

The neuromarketing approach seeks means of predicting these psychological behavioral patterns and using them effectively in marketing. The goal is to understand how the brain actually works, and to use this understanding to derive effective business solutions, communications methods, and sales strategies.

The HMS’s Neuromarketing Manager program teaches you how to apply this theoretical knowledge directly to your professional practice, and how to successfully implement neurological research findings to enhance day-to-day performance.

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