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22. till 24. of November 2018




„The business community is now recognizing the need and urgency of training managers on neuromarketing.”

Christophe Morin is a lecturer in the unique Neuromarketing Manager program conducted by SalesBrain and Hamburg Media School. The Neuromarketing Manager is an interdisciplinary and integrative program which captures strategic management disciplines of media, film and communication. It is designed for professionals, students and researchers from the fields of management, marketing, advertising or public relations who want to upgrade their knowledge with neuroscientifical approaches.

Unique competences in the digital world

The program aims at combining neuromarketing and media specific issues, which managers are facing in today’s digital environment. Why is it especially important to build up neuromarketing competences in the fast changing digital world?
The media landscape has radically changed in the last decade. Our brains received over 20,000 selling messages a day. Most of them do not grab our attention unless they have very specific qualities. Neuromarketing is able to decode what is the effect of media on the brain, therefore optimize advertising dollars in measurable and remarkable ways.

Reasons for developing the Neuromarketing Master

As author of the article Neuromarketing: The New Science of Consumer Behavior in 2011 you mentioned that neuroscience “has not yet fully penetrated the dark and reclusive hallways of advertising research academia” because “very few marketing researchers have formal training in cognitive neuroscience”. Is that still the case from your perspective?
Certainly the situation has improved in the last 5 years and I like to think that we have contributed to the gain by training nearly 50,000 executives in over 20 countries. But much more needs to happen and that is why partnerships with forward thinking universities like the Hamburg Media School in Germany or The Fielding Graduate University in the USA are critical.

If yes, is that a reason why the Neuromarketing Manager was developed?
Absolutely, the business community is now recognizing the need and urgency of training managers on neuromarketing. Companies like SalesBrain are few and far between. We need to leverage our efforts with credible and professional education partners like the Hamburg Media School.

Advantages and benefits of the program

What are the main learning objectives and what was the most notable learning experience of the students you remember? What are the benefits which stand out compared to other neuromarketing programs?
The program is anchored in both solid science and solid business experience. Often courses are disconnected from the reality of how business is conducted. That is not the case with our curriculum. Universities around the world are creating courses in consumer neuroscience or neuroeconomics that promote a theoretical perspective that can make the subject complicated and confusing. Students of our unique neuromarketing program like the practical and applicable quality of the content. Neuromarketing theory is useless if it is not grounded in the reality of what businesses are trying to do every single day.

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