Neuromarketing Manager

22. till 24. of November 2018




Interview with Dolo Osende, Co-funder of is-innovation shadowing and advertising producer specialized in digital marketing, social media & mobile business

Dolo Osende is an entrepreneur, with more than 10 years of working experience as advertising producer.  She´s also specialized in Digital Marketing Social Media & Mobile Business.

Relevance for professional and personal life

What key learnings did you take from the program and how did they change your professional and personal life?
I’ve learned how the brain scientifically works, how we make decisions, what neuromarketing is, how to use it, how to use the NeuroMap method to gain access to the part of the brain that “makes decisions”, and how to influence my customers using neurocomunication. How to capture, convince and close sales scientifically… I’ve also learnt about business neurostrategy, neuroteams, human resources, entrepreneurship, and neurosales. It’s a global overview.

Can you give an example of how you apply the new sights to your daily business?
I work in communication, in digital marketing, and this program gave me lots of knowledge and a really good method to engage more clients and it also showed me how to focus my business in a way that really works: efficiency. 

Study process and content of the program

The program consists of three phases. What is the core of each phase from your perspective?
The “core” of the whole program is applied neuromarketing. That means it is focused on the NeuroMap method. They teach you how you can apply this method to everything: business, relationships, and your personal life. The best thing is that it really works.

From your experience with the Neuromarketing Manager, what is the expenditure of time for the program?  How could you manage to join the sessions besides your (full-time) job?
It’s easy to manage, because the contents are given with neurocomunication methods. That means that they are structured and designed “for our brain” so you understand and memorize really complex content in an easy way. It’s amazing!!

Target group and network

Who would you recommend the Neuromarketing Manager to? Did your network grow in the field of neuromarketing?
I will recommend this master to everyone who is interested in this field. It helps entrepreneurs, communication business, advertising agencies, marketing departments, teachers, small business owners, students of communication…

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