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22. till 24. of November 2018




Interview with Regina Monge, CEO of Verts communication specialized in communications, design & digital strategy

Regina was a student in the program at ISG Business School.
She has a bachelor in History and Visual Language, specialized in Cinema and an MBA in Marketing & Communication. She‘s the CEO of Verts Communication in Brasil. Her agency is specialized in communications, design and digital strategy.

Relevance for professional and personal life

What key learnings did you take from the program and how did they change your professional and personal life?
The program basis is focused on the NeuroMap methodology. Through this scientifically proven methodology, you can activate areas of the brain and long-term memory that participates in decision-making. The decision process involves many issues, many of them are not necessarily at a rational level, and the NeuroMap allows us to understand how it all works inside our brains. Daily, new knowledge is added or repeated in a different way, so we can internalize this learning and then apply it in a practical situation.

Can you give an example of how you apply the new sights to your daily business?
I apply this knowledge in personal and professional aspects, in the way I communicate with my employees, in customer projects from prospecting phase until closing. I also use it in networking, leadership and in the commercial area. One of the points I started working more recently is neurocommunication with my clients and the agency itself. I still have a long way to go to be aware of how this learning will have a change in my life and in my business, but I can guarantee it is worth the investment. I’m looking forward to sharing each achievement with this group, with previous and future groups of students.

Study process and content of the program

The program consists of three phases. What is the first phase about?
The first phase of the program was on-site classes at the ISG Business School, in Lisbon, and it was very intense with a lot of information. The presence of peers and teachers, the exchange of experiences added to practical exercises and feedback, criticisms, and contributions from peers and teachers, all of this built a unique and rich experience. At the end of this phase, the progress of each student was evident and we were eager for the second phase.

What did you like most about the second phase?
The second phase conducted by web, through the tool “Fuze”, allowed me to meet new colleagues, who had made the practical part in other locations, reconnecting with teachers and friends that I made during the on-site classes. And it also enabled me to meet other specialists, teachers and scientists who provide exceptional classes. Since neuromarketing is something very new and part of the learning at this stage, it creates in all of us –the participants- a "passion" for this new knowledge and involves us so deeply in a manner that I, so far, had not yet experienced. We look forward to our next class and feel "sad" when the weekend or a holiday is approaching. Being with the group and the teachers daily moves us, we want to learn more and more. This feeling is shared by the entire group. Teachers are dedicated, experts and passionate about the topic which results in an enormous dedication in teaching and sharing their studies and achievements.

What is the core of the third phase from your perspective?
The third phase is a watershed in the course, it’s when we have to choose a theme for our final work and we want to do our best. Now, I'm focused on doing my job with my own company, a communication agency focused on strategy and brand management. I hope to be able to share the results with everyone sooner. At the moment I can say in advance my desire to develop a unique project which will make my company stand out is the ultimate goal and using the NeuroMap there is no doubt that it is possible to get there.

From your experience with the Neuromarketing Manager, what is the expenditure of time for the program?  How could you manage to join the sessions besides your (full-time) job?
Due to the large content and intensity of this Master, a high level of dedication is needed because each class brings new knowledge and learning. With discipline you can fully balance study-time and work. Every day we gain knowledge, share experiences with colleagues, receive guidance and feedback and this daily living is no longer a must-do, instead it is something we cannot wait to get to. The conviviality and the warmth of the group, the contribution and collaboration between the peers unite us and all we want is to be present in 100% of the classes, and when this is not possible we resort to the recording. The group's motivation is what always pushes us to move on to keep on the schedule and activities.

Target group and network

Who would you recommend the Neuromarketing Manager to? Did your network grow in the field of neuromarketing?
I would recommend this Master to marketers, sales professional, human resources, psychologists, advertisers and entrepreneurs. Further this Master would suit everyone who understands the knowledge and continuous learning as a natural movement of the human being to evolve and develop.
The networking growth is very significant and far beyond are the imminent real possibilities of establishing business partnerships with the group of students and teachers and contribute to global partnerships.

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