Neuromarketing Camp

7. till 9. of November 2018 (2,5 Days)




Neuromarketing Camp

Companies that succeed in today´s consumer-focused attention economy know how to create engagement with their audience. Since engagement processes also imply emotional dimensions, neuroscientific approaches get more and more attention in the media and advertising industry and neuromarketing companies offer promising insights how to capture consumers. To be able to select the right approach and research partner it is useful to be aware of principle neuroscientific models and gather an overview of key players in the field. The seminar will begin with an introduction to the basic methods in neuromarketing, with a focus on applicable tools like eye tracking, eeg, facial coding or gsr. Participants will acquire basics and limitations of the tools and key trends and developments for business. Experts will share exclusive knowledge and experiences with the different tools.

Experiences with the Neuromarketing Seminar

The program has been running successfully at institutions like the ISG Business School in Lisbon and the EEN Business School in Madrid. Now for the first time the Hamburg Media School offers the English version of the Neuromarketing Manager program in cooperation with SalesBrain/Neurostrategy.

Read what current students say about the HMS Neuromarketing course: 

"The course has helped me to burst my own limits and to outgrow myself. To understand how the brain works, not only improves business strategies, but also any social interaction. In business and private life. This is a priceless asset to me."

Sonja Schiller, Consultant for brainfriendly eMarketing 

"The aim of this Neuromarketing program is to motivate you and learn a unique 4-step process in order to help to maximize your capacity and influence anyone! SalesBrain is helping you to master the art of persuasion! These are not the only things why this study is useful: this is the only place to systematically study neuro marketing strategies with commercial apply. Elements that makes your communication and selling successful!"

Ivana Kurtović, Marketing Manager Reebok | adidas Group

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