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The HMS NeuroLab creates valuable knowledge about emotional and engaging dimensions of consumers and brands in a new media reality.
We help our research partners to assess consumer’s experiences, their desires, thoughts and decision processes. Under the usage of various implicit research tools, like EEG, Eye Tracking or Skin Conductance we can measure beyond survey data and collect data about consumer`s emotions, cognitive stages, stress, fatigue, etc. in diverse contexts. This enables our research teams and partners to learn more about unvisible causes and effects of consumer engagement in a cluttered media environment.

Besides the research projects we offer different education programs in the field of consumer neuroscience.
Since many managers and marketers do not have knowledge in neuroscience it is difficult for them to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of implicit neuro tools and providers.

In our Neuromarketing Camp we deliver the relevant background to market-oriented tools and give an overview of key providers in order to better understand and set up neuromarketing projects.

Wolter Lisa Charlotte Teaser

The NeuroLab’s research team is working on answers to demanding questions in a digital landscape.

Dr. Lisa-Charlotte Wolter

Head of Brand & Consumer Research / NeuroLab


Next Level Research

Neuroscience is an important topic for many researchers and the need for more background and direction in this new field is growing. The HMS NeuroLab enhances present media and brand research approaches and generates market-oriented and relevant knowledge with and for their research partners by using innovative and applicable neuro-tools.

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Research Team

The HMS NeuroLab combines academic and commercial excellence. We work with a global interdisciplinary network of experts in the fields of neuroscience, media & communication, brand and consumer research.

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Research Method

Implicit methods like mobile eye tracking, wearable sensors or electroencephalography (EEG) generate insights about user experiences and the impact of media and brands. The approach is useful to understand consumer behavior in various situations: multimedia usage, online shopping or video consumption processes.




We offer

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Research Projects

Research projects for both: Brand and media owners.

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Our expertise ranges from various markets and media environments.

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Get an overview of key neuro-tools and neuroscientific research designs from an independent source.

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Neuromarketing Camp: Learn key methods in consumer neuroscience in a business related context.



Get inspirations how neuroscience can help shed light into the inner processes of media users.

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White Paper

Get summarized insights from the field of neuroscience.


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Wolter Lisa Charlotte Teaser

Leitung Brand & Consumer Research

Dr. Lisa-Charlotte Wolter

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